We Design your tailored B2B incentive scheme

We consult with you about objectives, resources, software & design a 'what-if' model.

  • You can determine how much you are willing to spend on rewards per month (i.e. 1% of monthly turnover)
  • You can decide the objectives you want to achieve that will benefit your bottom line
  • We will discuss the best measurement metrics to track and report on.
  • We will compile a ‘what if’ excel document in which all your financial information can be detailed and the results of such a business case will speak for itself (conservatively over a five-year period).

We Manage the processes & operations for you!

Once the model is accepted, we interact with your teams to set up the operation.

We pull a flat file from your ERP system based on the information we need and compile a company specific statement that is mailed out to all the decision-makers on your client side each month. This statement reflects the purchases, how many points have been earned, how else they can be earned and who is in the running, for let’s say, the big competition. It can also be used to promote new deals and specials you want to push. Direct marketing at its finest..

We compile reports to track progress & make recommendations

We will monitor the progress of your operation on a monthly basis and send reports & statements

The aspirational rewards your customers will get will be in the form of Kizzler Koins, redeemable on Kizzler.com (online and socially driven travel agency that will cross borders and expand rapidly. Think flights, accommodation, packages, tours etc and more)
Your clients can use the points as a company and allocate as they see fit within their own teams (i.e. reward top salesman, offset costs for end-of-year conference, reward managers etc)

Read about Kizzler Koins

Kizzler's Purpose: "We passionately believe in providing easy & rewarding travel experiences. We do this by developing a cutting-edge, single platform to research, plan, book, rate & share unique holiday experiences & integrating a tangible and generous reward system for our members. We are an online travel agency."

Consultations FREE
What-if Model FREE
Set-up Fee R5,600 ex VAT
Monthly Fees 6% of whatever you choose to allocate to the programme monthly